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Quality timber for your project at our timber yard

It’s not always easy finding the right timber for your project …

The right timber depends on the project itself. It could be roof work, decking, fencing or even a piece of furniture. Then you have to think about the size and dimensions of the material; how much of that material you’ll need, and how to get that material to your site. Woodland Timber Merchant in Northwood was set up to simplify that process.

Forest in Surrey, England
Cut Wood

About Woodland Timber Merchant

Hardwood for a new floor? Softwood for a new fence? Treated timber that’s designed to resist decay, insects and moisture? We’ve got it all and more besides at Woodland. That range and quality doesn’t come at an inflated price either. And if you do have concerns about how to get that wood to your site – safely and in good time – then put those concerns to rest with Woodland Timber Merchant. We can get your order to you no matter where you are in the UK.


Couple that with the help of our friendly team – who are always happy to advise both on the phone and in person should you visit – you’ve got a comprehensive timber and MDF supply service with Woodland Timber Merchant.

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Get the wood or MDF that you need for your project by calling Woodland Timber Merchant on 07970 510141

Alternatively, message us on the same number, complete the form or visit us!

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